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Studio WAntym

WAntym Studio for Interior Architecture was established by Anna Weil (formerly "Studio Matka"). The studio is located in Tel Aviv and provides interior design services in a variety of scales and fields.
Upon graduation from Shenkar in the Department of Interior Design - Building and Environment in 2007, I co-founded "Studio Matka" with my partner Hila Gal. Between the years 2009-2016 I served as a lecturer at Shenkar in a variety of courses.

As a designer who works and intervenes in a built environment, I find the planning and design work complex, multi-layered and with meaning and a broad impact on people and the environment. Therefore, every project is an issue and an opportunity for research.
Each project has a structured work process and yet a unique approach and concept that reflects and presents a position.
The role of design is to provide a sensory and mental experience and at the same time be connected to the environment, place, lifestyle and socio-cultural processes.
My challenge as a designer is to find the exact connection and fit between the person / user and his environment.

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